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Congressman John Lewis addresses a Washington Campus group.  Executive MBA students during their Washington Campus residency. Senator Claire McCaskill speaks to participants during their Washington Campus specialty program.  Congressman Bill Huizenga speaking to Washington Campus MBA students.

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2015 MBA Courses:

Health Care Policy MBA Course:  

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Why are business students studying politics? 

The Washington Campus MBA program is
featured in U.S. News & World Report.            


The Washington Campus, a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization founded in 1978, has served as the principal foundation in the nation’s capital for educating business students and business leaders on the practices and realities of public policy. Consortium members include some of the world’s leading business schools. Speaking at the consortium's 25th anniversary, Vice President Dick Cheney emphasized:

“The Washington Campus program has been so important. They're helping bridge that gap between the world of business and the world of politics. Business leaders learn to see the world as Washington policymakers see it, and policymakers often gain a better understanding of the realities of business life."

Located at the L. William and Sally Seidman Center, the Campus has had the privilege of educating some of the brightest minds in business. We look forward to continuing this tradition by equipping both current and future business leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to better manage the critical link between business and public policy. Join us at The Washington Campus for a MBA, EMBA, corporate, or other specialty program.


Campus Alumni The Campus Advantage Support the Campus folder/Capture.JPGWith over 30,000 alumni worldwide, The Washington Campus has seen some of the world’s brightest minds participate in its residency programs. See what they have said about the Campus. folder/Capture 1.JPGWith over 30 years of experience, The Washington Campus is uniquely positioned to equip executives with the tools they need
to excel in this ever changing business/political climate. folder/Capture3.JPGHelp support The Washington Campus by giving back and ensuring the success of
future programs to come. There are many ways to give from gifts to endowments
and naming opportunities.

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