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UPDATE: As we all are, The Washington Campus is adjusting and adapting as rapidly and as much as possible in these highly unusual and challenging circumstances. Until at least June, as per CDC guidelines, our programming must be virtual/remote. For the May 11-15, and May 18-22, open-enrollment MBA sessions; and the June 15-17, open-enrollment EMBA sessions, the Campus plans to continue programming as scheduled - now to be offered online. Many students need the expected credits for graduation. Any virtual/remote students under these circumstances will be offered the opportunity to visit D.C. and freely join any portion of a future in-person program, after conditions have calmed and as their schedules allow. 
All that we teach to current and future business leaders is more important than ever - i.e., how to strategically, effectively, and ethically manage public affairs and public policy. This includes the ever-more critical need for effective public-private partnerships in order to better prevent, mitigate, and recover from challenges like the crisis we are currently in - and those the future may hold. We greatly appreciate the support of The Washington Campus from all our partner schools, our great students and alumni, and our fantastic and generous faculty speakers. Be well, and stay well.

The Washington Campus is a non-profit, non-partisan, higher education consortium. Our mission is to educate both current and future executives about the important interactions of business, government, and public policy, in order to enhance their effectiveness as organizational leaders. With a variety of intensive, experiential programs in Washington D.C., The Washington Campus is a unique organization that plays an essential role in management education. 
The Washington Campus programs are intensive educational and professional development courses, ranging from one to five days or more, based in Washington, D.C. Program faculty consist of policy and public affairs experts, political and government leaders, and other key players from business, associations, media, think tanks, and NGOs. Our faculty’s in-depth, first-hand insights help prepare current and future organizational leaders to think and act more strategically regarding government, public affairs, and public policy. Current and future for-profit, non-profit, and public sector executives gain valuable perspectives on how government and public policy affects their organizations and industries, as well as their careers and communities. Participants learn how to craft and implement more successful strategies to manage these forces, including how to ethically and effectively influence the public policy process. All Campus programs incorporate site visits to government offices and agencies, and to other historic and important D.C. locations, so that participants better understand the actual places and players that shape and make policy.

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"Fantastic, very informative. This program should be required for all MBAs."

"Best course in my entire MBA program."

Executive MBA

"This program added significant value to my EMBA. It was an invaluable experience and a great opportunity to learn about policy and advocacy from an insiderís perspective."

Accounting & Public Policy

"Terrific! You canít truly understand the profession, policies and players unless youíre fully immersed in D.C.: SEC, PCAOB, IRS, Big 4, etc. Highly recommend for all MAcc students."

Health Care Policy

"Excellent program with world-class speakers."

"Far exceeded my expectations. A truly unique experience."

"The highlight of my health care MBA."

Specialty Courses

"The Washington Campus did an excellent job of creating a unique program tailored to the needs and interests of our group."

Business & Public Policy

"As the leader of a growing manufacturing business, The Washington Campus experience really opened my eyes to the way the policy process works and how it impacts shareholder value. What a fantastic experience."

Welcome to The Washington Campus