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What exactly is The Washington Campus?

The Washington Campus is a non-profit, non-partisan, higher education consortium. Our mission is to educate both current and future executives about the important interactions of business, government, and public policy, in order to enhance their effectiveness as organizational leaders. With a variety of intensive, experiential programs in Washington D.C., The Washington Campus is a unique organization that plays an essential role in management education. For more information, check out our background document:

The Washington Campus Background 



Participants are expected to dress in “Business Attire.” What exactly does that mean?

We require our participants to dress in appropriate business attire each day that the group visits official government offices or that government officials will be speaking to the group. Business attire means coats and ties for men and suits or separates (pants or skirts) for women. Dress shoes are preferred, but many participants wear athletic shoes for walking between buildings.



Is there a sample MBA course agenda that I could look at before I register?

Check out our MBA Programs section for a sample agenda as well as more information about general logistics for our MBA programs.



What should I bring with me to the course?

Electronics are not allowed during speaker presentations, including laptops, phones, and tablets. Therefore, we recommend you bring paper and a writing utensil to take notes.

Comfortable, business-professional shoes for Capitol Hill are also advised as we will be doing a lot of walking on that day.



All of these acronyms are confusing - how can I navigate the "alphabet soup" of Washington, DC?

We're glad you asked! Onvia.com has a handy list of government acronyms in alphabetical order located here. We recommend browsing through the list and familiarizing yourself with some of these as they will pop up during the programs often.



What is transportation like to/in Washington, D.C. and is it included in the cost?

Transportation is not included in The Washington Campus tuition - you are required to get to and from The Washington Campus and various other locations on your own. Public transportation is abundant, however, as well as taxis and Ubers. Parking in Washington, D.C. is expensive and time-consuming - we recommend taking advantage of public transportation instead. Washington, D.C. has great public transportation systems, including the Metro subway, Metro buses, and the D.C. Circulator Bus. For information on how to navigate within the city, including walking directions, please go to www.wmata.com. For D.C. Circulator Bus information, see www.dccirculator.com. For more information, check out our transportation document:




I need to book a hotel. Where can I stay and is it included in the cost?

Housing during your stay in Washington, D.C. is not included in your tuition and it is the participant's responsibility to arrange accommodations for the week of their program. Many choose to stay in a hotel near our office but some have also chosen to book Airbnbs for the duration of their program - it is up to your personal preference. We have a handy list of hotels closest to our office as well, some of which give participants from The Washington Campus a special discount:




Will I have time to do some sightseeing in D.C.?

In order to meet the contact hour requirements of our programs, the schedule is rather full - a typical program day runs from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you need more time to explore Washington, we suggest you arrive in town early or stay on after the seminar has finished. Here are some resources for your free time:

White House Tours          Smithsonian Museums and Zoo          D.C. Tourism          D.C. Dining Guide          D.C. Going Out Guide



I need to take this course for credit – how soon will my grade be reported to the registrar at my school?

Our faculty directors have a deadline of three weeks to grade the exams. Your registrar will have your grade and certificates no more than one month after the end of the seminar.



Should I schedule my own meetings with Members of Congress and staff or will you do that for me?

The Washington Campus will work to schedule meetings for the representative of your university state/district. We highly suggest you also schedule to meet with a representative from your home state/district. You can achieve this by simply calling their Washington, D.C. office and speaking with their staff to set up a meeting. It is important to note that meeting with the staff is just as valuable as meeting with the members – they are highly knowledgeable on the issues and often have a great deal influence on how the member votes.



Are your courses eligible for veterans’ and active service members’ educational benefits?

Our courses are VA-eligible because they are regular listed courses with all our consortium member universities; if your university is listed as VA-eligible, then our courses are eligible because they are also your university courses.

We regularly have students from our participating schools use VA/GI educational benefits for our various programs.  Sometimes the costs are noted as a required course lab/activity fee, other times as a special tuition item, etc.  Each school handles it somewhat differently.

It is correct that we are not directly listed on the VA/GI list, but we cannot be, because we do not give the credits.  We are an extension of our member schools that administers the course here in DC, but your university actually gives the credits.  So, in most, if not all, cases the expenses may be routed through the school, but we can and do regularly have many current active service members as well as veterans use their educational benefits for our courses. This all depends on either the school paying us directly by check, and the school bills the VA  for what is their own listed course (though administered by us here in D.C.), or the school reimburses the student(s) later, and bills the VA accordingly. Please check with your school to figure out how they handle their usual VA course expenses.



I loved my time at The Washington Campus! How can I help spread the word?

We're so glad you asked! We have a group of Washington Campus Ambassadors who help spread the word about the program at their universities to fellow students. If you're interested in becoming a Washington Campus Ambassador, email us at info@washcampus.edu and let us know or check out the information on the Washington Campus Ambassador page! We'll send you some information and materials to help you in your efforts.



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