Accounting and Public Policy

Accounting and Public Policy: Customized D.C. Programs

Recent laws and regulations, both in the U.S. and globally, have greatly increased the need for accounting professionals to understand legislative and regulatory processes, as well as important public policy issues and trends. This knowledge is increasingly essential for accounting professionals to better manage their own careers and organizations, and to better serve their clients.

The Washington Campus customized accounting and public policy courses for graduate and professional students enable participants to interact directly with legislators and regulators, policy experts and influencers, and experienced sector professionals. Participants gain key insights necessary to more effectively manage in this profession’s increasingly dynamic public affairs and public policy environment.

The Campus’ faculty includes experts who hold or have held senior positions at regulatory and Executive Branch institutions such as the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, as well as Members and staff from Congress, including from the Congressional Budget Office and key committees (tax, banking, etc.).  Program faculty also include policy experts from organizations such as the Center for Audit Quality, major accounting firms, and other corporations and associations, who manage legislative and regulatory policy and public affairs both in the U.S. and globally.

The Washington Campus accounting and public policy residency courses include lectures, site visits, and interactive sessions to enable accounting professionals to better understand first-hand the complexities of policy development and implementation.

The following represents a sampling of course content for a graduate accounting residency program:

  • The Executive Branch and Agencies: Policy Implementation
  • Congress and Tax Policy: The Role of Key Committees
  • Congressman Camp’s Tax Reform: A Starting Point for Discussion?
  • The Federal Budget Deficit: Implications for Tax Reform
  • Advocacy in Washington: An Accounting Firm Perspective
  • Affordable Care Act: Implementation Details and Impacts
  • The Congressional Budget Office: Visit and Discussion
  • Federal Reserve: Visit to Boardroom and Discussion of Policy
  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board: Panel on Standards; Inspection; Enforcement; Research and Analysis
  • Meeting with US Congressman or Senator: The Legislative Process
  • Securities and Exchange Commission:  Office of the Chief Accountant
  • The Role of the Federal Auditor
  • The Center for Audit Quality: Public Policy Issues Affecting Investors, Public Company Auditors and Capital Markets
  • The Prospects for Tax Reform: A Think Tank Prediction
  • Accounting in a Global World: Impacting Global Policy through Washington
  • Dodd-Frank:  An Overview and Assessment
  • Legislating in 2015: The Partisan Divide in Congress
  • The Impact of the Media on Washington Policymaking
  • A Visit with the Joint Economic Committee in Congress

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