Executive MBA Courses

Executive MBA Courses

The Washington Campus offers customized Executive MBA D.C. residency courses in partnership with individual institutions, as well as Open-Enrollment EMBA and Executive Health Care Policy courses that are open to EMBA students from any accredited institution.

Customized Executive MBA Courses

The Washington Campus Executive MBA and other executive graduate courses (Executive MPP, MPA, MPH, MHA, etc.) are designed in close coordination with partner institutions from around the world. These typically are customized programs ranging from one day to one week or more. Executive students enjoy an interesting and enriching experience in Washington, D.C., while earning anywhere from one to four credits toward their degree, and completing a distinctive certificate course.

Participants learn from leading policy makers and influencers such as Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, regulatory authorities, and business leaders such as corporate, industry, and association executives, as well as leading members of the media, think tanks, embassies, global institutions, and NGOs.

Campus Executive MBA and executive graduate courses help develop leaders for higher-level, general management roles, and introduce them to more diverse professional and career opportunities. For U.S. students, these Executive courses are an excellent, shorter complement to longer international trips. For non-U.S. students, our Executive MBA and executive graduate courses are a perfect immersion experience that helps them better understand both U.S. government and global institutions that have wide-ranging economic impacts.

Open-Enrollment Executive MBA Courses

Each year The Washington Campus also offers open-enrollment Executive MBA courses to EMBA students from any accredited institution in the U.S. or abroad. These courses are most often three days in length. Participants arrange for awarding of specific academic credits as is appropriate with the policies of their home institutions. A typical program might include the following, as outlined the sample agenda below. Please note that specific agendas change each time according to the composition and interests of course participants, as well as the availability of venues and speakers.


Business and Public Policy: Sample Course Outline

Day 1
•    Welcome and Introduction to the Program
•    U.S. Congress: The Legislative Process and Players
•    Executive Branch: Policymaking and Implementation 
•    A Primer on Business Lobbying and Advocacy
•    The Agenda for Health Care Policy and Reform
•    Evening Reception

Day 2
•    The Regulatory Process: Policymaking of a Different Kind
•    Travel to Capitol Hill to meet with current Member(s) of
Senate and/or House, or visit the House floor and discuss
policymaking with a former Member of Congress 
•    Luncheon at the Capitol Hill Club
•    Discuss business issues with key congressional committee staff
•    Visit Congressional Budget office for discussion of
The Federal Budget: Spending, Revenues, and the Economy
•    Travel to the National Press Club for reception, dinner 
and discussion of The Role of Media in Politics and Policy

Day 3
•    Executive Perspectives: Strategic Business-Government Relations
•    Energy Policy: Sources, Uses, and Consequences
•    Tax Reform: Priorities and Scenarios for the Next Congress
•    Stakeholder and Crisis Management: Washington and Beyond
•    Conclusion









Ms. Jocelyn Moore SVP of Public Policy & Government Affairs, NFL

Economic policy discussion at the Federal Reserve

Media and policy discussion at the National Press Club
with James Hohmann of The Washington Post

For open-enrollment EMBA courses, you will be e-mailed more details a few weeks before the start of the program. Participants are expected to attend the entire program in order to receive graduate course credits; dress in appropriate business attire; and not use laptops during course sessions except in special circumstances. In order to gain access to certain government buildings, proper government-issued identification often is required.

Transportation to D.C. and lodging in D.C. are the responsibility of course participants. Here is a list of some nearby hotels and the nearest metro stations to The Washington Campus.  Courses are held at or near The Washington Campus facilities (1150 18th St NW Suite 400 Washington DC 20036), which are in downtown D.C., convenient to the Farragut North (Red Line) and Farragut West (Blue/Orange/Silver Lines) Metro subway stations.

Open-Enrollment EMBA Course Registration Fees and Tuition

The open-enrollment Executive MBA course costs total $2750. Payment is due upon registration in order to have a space reserved. Should you have any questions during the registration process regarding payment, including any special conditions that may vary according to your school’s specific arrangements, please consult with your appropriate home campus Executive MBA staff representative or The Washington Campus staff.




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