Open-Enrollment MBA Courses

The Washington Campus open-enrollment MBA courses are intense, five-day (Monday-Friday) programs that include pre-readings, course sessions and activities, a final exam on Friday afternoon, and a team project that is due two weeks after the course is completed.  The courses run from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM most days in order to satisfy required contact hours for receipt of graduate credits, which are awarded by each student’s university.  A typical agenda includes the following course topics and activities. 

In addition, the Campus has at least one special MBA section each year focused on Health Care Policy. The structure and flow of the MBA Health Care Policy course are the same as the regular MBA Business and Public Policy course, but with an emphasis on health care topics, speakers, and organizations throughout. For more information: MBA Health Care Policy


Sample Agenda


MBA Business and Public Policy Course

•    Welcome and Introduction to the Program
•    U.S. Congress: The Legislative Process and Players
•    Executive Branch: Policy Making and Implementation
•    A Primer on Business Lobbying and Advocacy
•    The Financial Crisis:  Financial Policy and Reforms
•    Evening reception

•    The Federal Budget: Exercise on Spending and Revenues 
•    The Federal Budget: Policy, Priorities, and Economic Impacts
•    Luncheon at the National Press Club
•    Luncheon Speaker: The Impact of the Media on Policy Making
•    Tax Reform: Priorities and Scenarios for the Next Congress
•    The Regulatory Process: Policy Making of a Different Kind

•    Travel to Capitol Hill
•    House and Senate committee hearings on various business and other issues
•    Meeting with current or former Member of House and/or Senate 
•    Individual visits to office of own Member of House and/or Senate
•    Visit House and Senate Galleries in U.S. Capitol to view legislative process
•    Visit Supreme Court and Library of Congress
•    Return to The Washington Campus
•    An Overview of Health Care Reform
•    Cyber Security: Business Preparation and Policy Approaches

•    The Partisan Divide in Congress: Causes and Solutions
•    Immigration Reform: Policy Choices and Impacts on Business
•    Current Challenges in U.S. Trade and Investment Policy
•    Computer Simulation of the decision making process for Members of Congress

•    Corporate Executive Perspectives: Policy Advocacy Overview for Business
•    U.S. Energy Policy: Sources, Uses, and Implications
•    Business Crisis Management: Washington and Beyond
•    Final Exam
•    Adjourn

Participants are expected to: attend the entire program in order to receive graduate course credits; dress in appropriate business attire; participate in class discussions; and not use laptops during course sessions except in special circumstances.  In order to gain access to certain government buildings, proper government-issued identification often is required. 

As soon the registration process is completed, you will be e-mailed a username and password to enter the course’s secure website where a syllabus, logistics page, pre-readings and other details of the course will be posted.  Team assignments will also be sent to each student in advance.

Transportation to D.C. and lodging in D.C. are the responsibility of course participants.  On the logistics page provided after registration, there are helpful hints and links regarding transportation and lodging options.  Courses are held at or near The Washington Campus facilities (1150 18th St NW Suite 400 Washington DC 20036), which are in downtown D.C., convenient to the Farragut North (Red Line) and Farragut West (Blue/Orange/Silver Lines) Metro stations.

MBA Course Registration Fees and Tuition

You may register now on our homepage for any open-enrollment MBA programs or open-enrollment Health Care Policy MBA program.

The open-enrollment MBA course tuition totals $1850 for participants from consortium member schools, and $1950 for participants from non-consortium schools. This includes a $400 non-refundable deposit.  Payment is due upon registration in order to have a space reserved. During the on-line registration process, students will be prompted to select from a list of consortium member schools or a non-consortium school (listed as “Other”).  Should you have any questions during the registration process regarding payment, including any special conditions that may vary according to your school’s specific arrangements, please consult with your home campus MBA staff representative or The Washington Campus staff.  


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