Executive MBA

"Managers in the private sector, accustomed to ducking behind corporate and government-relations professionals, need to develop a new mind-set and skill set to partner with government rather than fend them off."

Robert B. Reich
Harvard Business Review
Congressman Steven Rothman (D-NJ)
speaks to Executive MBA students outside
the U.S. Capitol building.

Executive MBA Residencies in Washington, D.C.

The Washington Campus designs Executive MBA programs for individual institutions or groups of institutions that want to provide intensive and relevant Washington residencies for their students who are already business professionals.

Whether offered as an introductory course for incoming EMBA students, a mid-program course to infuse theory with practice, or a capstone experience to help students round out their graduate thesis or project, The Washington Campus can design a program to meet the needs and interests of your students.

EMBA residencies are typically three to five days in duration, and include numerous presentations by Washington policy-makers on a variety of business issues, trips to key Federal agencies and notable Washington hot-spots, and can include social networking opportunities as well as sight-seeing tours.

"We were extremely impressed with the caliber of speakers you had put together. Our students came away with a deeper appreciation of government policy and felt that this was one of the most enriching academic experiences for them during their time in the executive MBA program."

Kris Polito
Associate Director of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning
Suffolk University

The Washington Campus offers two types of programs for Executive MBA programs:

Executive MBA Residencies - a domestic residency tailored to a business school's specific EMBA programContact us to find out how The Washington Campus can customize a program for your Executive MBA Program.

Executive MBA Open Enrollment Programs - EMBA students who attend institutions that do not participate directly in The Washington Campus programs can elect to enroll in an open enrollment program. Program content parallels that provided to students in our EMBA Residency Programs and is tailored to the mid- to upper-level executive. Programs typically provide 20.5 contact hours of instruction.

Kathleen Weldon, Vice President, Government
Strategy, for Biogen Idec lectures on the role of
lobbyists and interest groups in the formation of public policy.


  Program Curricula

  • Core sessions examine the legislative, regulatory, and judicial functions of government;

  • Topical sessions on the economy, government regulations, monetary policy, business-government ethics, trade policy, lobbyists and interest groups, and the media are included as well as timely sessions on international and domestic topics relevant to today's business executive;

  • Interactive sessions that explore how elections are won, how legislation and regulations are developed and passed, and how potential policy changes must be considered when developing a comprehensive and effective business strategy.

Participant Profiles

Participants are usually experienced managers from a variety of organizations in both the public and private sector.

Credit and Payment

Credit for participants attending the Executive MBA Elective is at the discretion of their school.

Payment is due at the time of registration. Please contact the Registrar with any concerns you may have about payment.